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      • Drink two glasses of water before each meal; this fills you up so you will eat less.
      • Chew slowly! You’ll feel full faster. It actually does work.
      • If you have a retainer, wear it.  Nobody wants to eat food with a retainer in.
      • Sit up straight & stand as much as you can. You’ll burn more calories.
      • When craving something sweet, opt for grapes instead of M&Ms.
      • Wear light pajamas. If you have a fan in your room, sleep with it on.  The colder you are, the more you shiver — Calorie burning while sleeping, anyone?
      • Drinking icy water also burns calories, because your body works harder to regulate your body temperature.
      • Remember to take your multivitamins!
      • Go play Wii, if you have one.  You don’t have to have Wii Fit to burn calories, either; play boxing and you’ll be panting in no time.
      • Set a strict time in the evening that you won’t eat after. A couple hours before your bedtime.
      • Exercise and then promptly reward yourself with a hot bath - you’ll feel so relaxed that you will forget you even broke a sweat.
      • Remember - it takes 21 days to form a habit. So stick with it. Success WILL come.

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  6. i need thisssssssss

    i need thisssssssss

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  9. Do it for…

    The skinny legs…

    The flat stomach…

    The cute *small* clothes…

    The feeling of baggy clothing that AREN’T a huge size…

    Bikini confidence…

    The gap between your legs…

    Girls to envy YOUR weight…

    The belly button ring…

    Anyone who has ever called YOU fat…

    Do it for YOURSELF…

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  12. skinnysaskia:



    HER LEGS! <3

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